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  The Normanby Local History Group is a non-profit making collection of people who are interested in keeping the rich history of this small area in the North East of England alive for future generations to enjoy.

  Normanby began as a small village in the North Riding of the county of Yorkshire. This county was succeeded (for Normanby) in 1968 by the county borough of Teesside which only lasted six years until 1974 when absorbed into the new county of Cleveland - itself abolished in 1996.
  So Normanby is now in the borough of Redcar & Cleveland     (within the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire).
  Nevertheless traditionalists consider Normanby still lies within the North Riding of Yorkshire.

  The Normanby Local History Group covers the geographical area from the top of the Eston hills northwards to the river Tees foreshore at South Bank.   Spencer Beck forms the Western boundary, with Crossbeck forming the ancient Eastern boundary.   However we have extended our area of research eastwards to include Woodgarth and Old Eston.

  We research and uncover: archive records, photographs, artifacts and living memories of everything that has created the community of Normanby that we live or have lived in.

  We produce booklets, postcards, calendars and even short movie documentaries on some fascinating subjects about Normanby including Spencer Hardwick's brilliant booklets on life growing up in Normanby gained from his 90 years of living here along with Eric Armstrong's booklet on The Poverina Pub, the Old Mill and Richardson's Brewery.

  This website is to act as an online magazine where new and interesting articles on Normanby can be published and new material discovered with your help.

  You can add your memories of Normanby to our Message Board and we welcome any photographs that you may have and are willing to share with us.

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Most Recent Page Update: 23 March 2014 --

-- Events -
12th Annual Exhibition date fixed & RAF Flypast confirmed.

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Latest News and Articles

Planned Events for 2014

  As well as monthly meetings we hold other events including exhibitions of our work and collections usually at the Normanby Methodist Church.

  You are very welcome to come along and see what we do.

  More information can be found on our Events  page.

Pic 04 Methodist chapel from turn of 20th Century

GREAT NEWS!! RAF Flypast Confirmed! - 20 March 2014

  Our chairman has received confirmation from the RAF that we will have a flypast this year by another Spitfire!
  So Saturday 12th July 2014 will be the date for Normanby Local History Group's next annual exhibition.
  More information can be found on our Events  page.

RAF BoBMF Silver Spitfire LFIXe MK356

Killora and the Townsend Family - 30 January 2014

  This article is based on research by Dr A John Willmott who worked for BISRA when it was based at the house in Normanby called Killora.
  From the late 19th century this house was the family home of Dr. Townsend and where he held his practice.
  Sadly this family lost two of their sons in the Great War - their names appear on the war memorial in Normanby.

See this Article  on Normanby.

Killora - Appleby, Hope and Mathews

NEW!! Prints for Framing & Our 2014 Calendar - 30 September 2013

  You now have the opportunity to display some Normanby history on your walls with our attractive prints !
  Our Group can now produce medium size (A4) prints in black & white that are suitable for framing from any of our postcards.
See our Publications  page for more details & availability.

  Our Normanby History Group 2014 Calendar is now available.

Picture Of Current Calendar

Wesleyian Chapels - 19 April 2013

  This article is based on Joan Outhwaite's research on now-vanished Wesleyan Chapels of Normanby & Old Eston.
  The congregation outgrew the original Hewley Street chapel & so a new chapel was planned.
  The funding, rise & fall of this new chapel are described.

See this Article  on Normanby.

Picture Of Current Calendar

Sad News from Normanby Local History Group - 28 March 2013

On March 16th our long-time member Eric Armstrong passed away peacefully in his sleep after a lengthy illness.
  Eric wrote our third book "Normanby's Trilogy" in 2007.   His book tells the tale of Normanby's steam-driven corn mill, Richardson's Brewery and Poverina Hotel.
  Eric was made an honorary member in 2011 to reflect his contribution to our History Group.
  At the Group's monthly meeting on 27th March we all stood for one minute's silence to remember Eric.
  In this sad time we reflect that his memories of Normanby are forever with us and take comfort in that.
  Rest in Peace Eric.

Eric Armstrong

A Factual Description of Normanby 1050-1901 - 6 Feb 2013

  Sylvia Fairbrass compiled this booklet with facts garnered from old records & books as well as her own research.

  The author has been a keen and active member of our history group & its Archivist for many years.

  This is the seventh booklet to be published by the group.

See our Publications  page for more details & availability.

Picture Of Sylvia Fairbrass's 1st Booklet

Previous News & Articles

  All those pior to 2013 have been moved to a seperate page so as to keep this home page more timely.

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