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Memories of Normanby Methodist Boy Scouts

     A Message was sent to our website from Colin Stewart with his memories of his time in the Normanby Methodist Scouts group (see below).

  Many Normanby families will have had boys who joined the scouts so this is a chance for those memories to be shared with others.

  This article is an attempt to record, show and publicise memories of those who were boy scouts in the Normanby Group.

  It is a work-in-progress - dependent on contributions from our members and from readers of this website - so please help.

  It would be wonderful to be able to share any stories and photos you have -
- so please Contact  us (with Subject as Normanby Boy Scouts Memories)
with your stories and offers of photos - and any other information about this scout group.

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Memories from Colin Stewart - 19th May 2021  

   I recently saw some mention of the scout group that I was in from quite early on.
   I was born in Lambton Street and attended the chapel on Sundays (not voluntarily) before being old enough to join the scouts.
   Some great memories - Colin Brown was great as was George Clarke (a fireman?) who helped a lot.
   We had some great times like a week-end at Commondale - getting the train from Ormesby and then a handcart for the gear from the station to the campsite. We had mainly wet annual camps at Redmire, Rievaux and Ampleforth. We had a great week-end at the Hovingham Jamboree, when we had a recreation of the ’gang-show’ with all the songs!
   I have a lasting memory of travelling home one Saturday in 1966 listening to the World Cup final in the back of a removal wagon going down Bilsdale. I can remember cooking over wood fires and sleeping in ex-army bell-tents !
   We were all encouraged to achieve badges and this sometimes entailed a tram down to South Bank for some of the tests.
   George Walsh was the district commissioner and occasionally inspected the evening activities up Cleveland Street.
   It's hard to imagine that to achieve the first class award a hike plus camping was needed. I remember 2 of us walked from Loftus to Castleton, a night on the moors, then walking back via Kildale to Ayton, and filling a book of observations on the way !
   At the grammar school there was another scout group and I can sort of remember seeing Arnie Harker in shorts occasionally. Despite being a pupil there my allegiance stayed with Ist Normanby.
   Colins Brown’s father ’Mucka’ was always more interested in asking about my dad’s Pigeons than my scouting, and his brothers keen on cricket, didn’t get too involved in Baden Powell’s teachings as far as I can remember !

Photos from Normanby LHG Archives

   The photos and images shown here are not in any particular sequence - so may be re-arranged as more are made available.
   If you have any more information about the photos or corrections to our text then please let us know as above!

Newspaper Article - circa 1965? - added 25 October 2021  

   The cutting of this article was donated by Maude Sayer in 2003 but the date printed was probably around 1965.
   The text is transcribed alongside the image for easier reading.

Normanby Methodist Boy Scouts Newspaper Article    FIRST CLASS - FIRST TIME
   Mr. Noah Kay, Eston District Commissioner, with scouts who received first class badges from him at the third anniversary party of the 1st Normanby Methodist Boy Scouts at the Methodist Youth Hall last night. It was the first time scouts of the group had been presented with first class awards.
   More than 100 people were at the party, including Col.C.N.Littleboy, Assistant County Commissioner North Riding Scouts, Mr.J.T.Cook, chairman of the local association, the Rev.R.N.Hughes and Mrs.Hughes, assistant district commisioners and scoutmasters.
   Awards were presented as follows:
       Scout cords, J.Clark, D.Hardwick;
       First class badges, J.Clark, D.Hardwick, R.Tye, M.Spencer, D.Wright, M.Leake;
       Second class badges, H.Cowell, D.Hopwood, J.Hopwood;
       Senior pioneer badges, D.Hardwick, J.Clark;
       Rider badge, D.Hopwood;
       Guide badges, J.Clark, D.Hardwick, R.Tye, D.Wright, K.Young, T.Skipper, C.Stewart;
       Backwoodsman badges, D.Hardwick, J.Clark;
       Cook badges, J.Clark, D.Hardwick, M.Spencer, R.Tye, M.Leake, D.Wright.
   Mr. W.E.Sayer, chairman of the parents’ committee, presided and the evening was organised by Mr. G.Clark, Group Scoutmaster.

Normanby Methodist Boy Scouts Newspaper Photo

   Much clearer image of the photo used in the above article.

   Mr. Noah Kay, Eston District Commissioner, with scouts who received first class badges from him: J.Clark, D.Hardwick, R.Tye, M.Spencer, D.Wright, M.Leake.

      Can anyone match the scouts names to the individuals?

Normanby Methodist Boy Scouts Camp - added 25 October 2021  

Normanby Methodist Boy Scouts Camp Normanby Methodist Boy Scouts Camp      The images shown here are believed to show the Normanby scouts at a camp.
   Can you confirm this and do you know when and where it was?
   Can you name anyone in the photo?
   If so then please let us know !

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