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Normanby Videos

  Some of our group members own digital cameras that can record video and have captured some of our group’s events.

  We also hope to record interviews with interesting local characters and eventually show them on this site.

  Do you (or someone you know) have any cine film or video of the Normanby locality (from the past) or of events or people?
  If so we would be very interested to hear from you -
           - do please contact us  !
  Our group will pay for the copying and conversion of these recordings to a digital format for editing and showing on our site.

   Here is a list of a few videos so far available.
   Please feel free to play and enjoy them (with sound too).

   2018 Group Visit to Pickering for North York Moors Railway
        26th   "Railway in Wartime"  event.

   2018 Normanby Boundary Walk 2 Views of River Tees

   2015 Group visit to Saint Helen’s Church Opening

   2014 Group’s 12th Annual Exhibition Bagpipe Player

   Let's go to the Forum Cinema

Normanby LHG Trip to Pickering - Train Arrival Saint Helen's Church 2015 Phil as Black Watch Piper

The Forum Cinema

  Below you can watch a short silent documentary on the history of The Forum Cinema.   Now more familiar as Beever’s Furniture Shop (formerly Walter Baker Furniture Store), this building has a very rich history.   The projection room is still almost intact and the false ceiling of the shop hides the almost perfectly intact structure of the cinema.   During World War II the building was also used to train Air Raid Wardens and we allow you a glimpse into the Air Raid Shelters still surviving in the lower part of the building.

Not quite what's wanted as goes onto YouTube News - cheek!

Picture of Forum after Walter Baker took it over