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The Normanby Local History Group

  The Normanby Local History Group is a non-profit making collection of people who are interested in keeping the rich history of this small area in the North East of England alive for future generations to enjoy.

What We Do

  We research and uncover: archive records, photographs, artefacts and living memories of everything that has created the community of Normanby that we live or have lived in.

  We produce publications  including calendars, postcards, prints and booklets on some fascinating subjects about Normanby including Spencer Hardwick's brilliant booklets on life growing up in Normanby gained from his 90 years of living here along with Eric Armstrong's booklet on The Poverina Pub, the Old Mill and Richardson's Brewery.

  We hold monthly meetings  as well as other events   including exhibitions of our work and collections usually at the Normanby Methodist Church.
  You are very welcome to come along and see what we do.

Our Website

  This website is to act as an online magazine where new and interesting articles  on Normanby can be published and new material discovered with your help.

  You can add your memories of Normanby to our moderated Message Board  and we welcome any photographs that you may have and are willing to share with us.

  You can view other parts of our website by ’clicking’ on any underlined italics text which provide links to other pages.   These links turn pale-yellow when you move the cursor over them - then you can ’click’.   Start your exploration via the links in the main Menu bar at the top of each page.

Our facebook Page

  This provides regular information on our group's events and activities as well as timely reports of local events together with great photos and videos too!   See our facebook  page.

Where We Are

  Normanby began as a small village in the North Riding of the county of Yorkshire. This county was succeeded (for Normanby) in 1968 by the county borough of Teesside which only lasted six years until 1974 when absorbed into the new county of Cleveland - itself abolished in 1996.
  So Normanby is now in the borough of Redcar & Cleveland     (within the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire).
  Nevertheless traditionalists consider Normanby still lies within the North Riding of Yorkshire.

Area We Cover

  The Normanby Local History Group covers the geographical area from the top of the Eston hills northwards to the river Tees foreshore at South Bank.   Spencer Beck forms the Western boundary, with Crossbeck forming the ancient Eastern boundary.   However we have extended our area of research eastwards to include Woodgarth and Old Eston.

Pic 04 Methodist chapel from turn of 20th Century

Last Update of Message Board: 10 Apr 2019

Most Recent Page Updates: - -

22 July 2019 - Articles - Update
Eston Grammar School 1963 Year Book of photographs
- of staff & classes with names. Updates since March 2019:
- names in Classes B, E, F, I, J, K, N, O, P, V, 3, 4.

10 May 2019 - Articles - Update
Cleveland & Teesside Local History Society Newsletter
reviews their Golden Jubilee Day School.
Our member Sylvia Fairbrass’ talk was well received.

5 May 2019 - Links - Addition of a new link to website:-
"Middlesbrough My Town My Future".

5 May 2019 - Articles - Update
"Normanby WW1 Fallen" - addition of information about
Frank Hermiston’s brother Robert Nelson Hermiston.

30 April 2019 - Articles - Update
Normanby School Class Photos:-
- 30 April added 1967 Choir photo.
- 9 April update of 1954 class photo.
- 22 March added new photos & names
of 1950 Class 6 & 10, 1952 & 1954.

28 April 2019 - Appeals for Help
Advert in Gardener’s Chronicle of 1897 -
- for Normanby Patent Slag Manure
- Does anyone have any more information?

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  Map of GB showing North East of England       Map of NE England showing Normanby location Pic 05 Buxtons Store

Planned Events for 2019

Regular meetings on 4th Wednesday of each month
- see our Events  page.

17th Annual Exhibition
      Saturday 13th July 2019

Our Normanby Local History Group’s Annual Exhibition
was held as usual at Normanby Methodist Church
- for more information see our Events  page.

  For details of previous events - see our Past Events  page.

Bridge Cracked

Latest News and Articles

Reg Lawrence:
Sad News from Normanby Local History Group - 7 Jan 2019  

  Our group’s oldest member Harold Reginald Lawrence passed away peacefully on 23rd December in hospital in Newark.
  Reg had been ill for some time and has been living with his daughter in Newark.
  He was a founder member of the Group and was 95 years old.
  The funeral service was held in Normanby Methodist Chapel at 11am on Friday 18th January, followed by cremation at 12:00 at the Redcar Kirkleatham Crematorium.
  Members from our group attended the service.
  Following the cremation refreshments were provided back at the Normanby Methodist Chapel.   

  Please click on the images opposite to see a larger image !

Group Members’ Trip to Pickering, NYMR - 12 Oct 2018  

   Members of our group spent a day visiting Pickering for the North York Moors Railways 26th "Railway in Wartime" event.
   It was both interesting and informative as well as a very enjoyable experience despite the rainy weather.

  More information (and a link to a gallery of photos)
can be found on our Past Events  page.

Normanby LHG Trip to Pickering NYMR

New Publication!!
2019 Calendar of "Normanby Past..." - 11 October 2018  

  Our group's calendars have always been popular and we have just published our new 2019 calendar.
  It depicts pictures of Normanby scenes of a bygone age.
  So you can remember & reminisce about our village as it once was in the past.

   Please note that this calendar is in the new design adopted last year and is the same price as last year.

See our Publications  page for more details & availability.

2019 Normanby Calendar

Latest booklet!!
"Normanby Brick and Tile Works 1883-1971" - 6 October 2018  

  The author Sylvia Fairbrass has been a keen and active member of our history group for many years and this is her second book to be published by our group.
  This comprehensive work includes personal accounts from former employees and is illustrated with maps and many photographs.
  Newspaper articles and personal letters also help to tell the story of an industry that was an integral part of Normanby life for many years.
  Sylvia has, through painstaking research, also compiled a list of former employees and a description of their occupations.
  This is the tenth booklet to be published by our group & is in colour with 92 pages.

See our Publications  page for more details & availability.

Picture Of Sylvia Fairbrass's 2nd Booklet

Cleveland & Teesside Local History Society -
     Golden Jubilee Day School -
          Saturday 27th October 2018 - 30 Aug 2018  

  This Day School is an opportunity to reflect on the development of local history studies over the past 50 years, to celebrate some achievements of societies and groups in the Cleveland & Teesside area in that time and look to the future.
  Popular local speakers from local societies have been brought together to provide insights into their experience.
  Our group member Sylvia Fairbrass will be speaking about our group’s involvement in the making of the film about local hero William Henry Short V.C. at this day school.

  Please click on the leaflet images opposite to see the detail !

Special Event !!
Eston & District World War 1 Centenary Event -
          Saturday 7th July 2018 - 1 July 2018  

  This is a special event organised by the Eston & District Branch of the Green Howard’s and Yorkshire Regiment Association.
  You are welcomed to a short service, with the aim to remember the men from our area who gave their lives in the Great War which ended one hundred years ago.

  Services will take place at various war memorials (see poster) but that for Normanby will be held in Eston Cemetery (as it could not be held at the War Memorial on the High Street).

  The service will include: Ode of Remembrance, Roll-call of the fallen, Last Post, Minutes silence, Reveille, Lord’s Prayer.

  Please click on the poster image opposite to see the detail !

Group Members’ Trip to Castle Museum, York - 30 May 2018  

   Members of our group spent a day visiting York including the Castle Museum.
   It was a very enjoyable experience that was both interesting and informative.

  More information (and a link to a gallery of photos)
can be found on our Past Events  page.

Normanby LHG Trip to York Castle Museum

New Article - Work-in-Progress !!
"Eston Grammar School 1963 Year Book Photos" - 31 January 2018  

  This Article features a list of the class photographs from the 1963 Year Book of Eston Grammar School.
  This Year Book was given to our Group for safe-keeping by a former member of the school staff.

  As many names as possible of the pupils and teachers are identified for each photo.
  Please feel free to view and enjoy them - perhaps recognise yourself and former classmates - and so provide us with more names to add.

  This new Article is regularly updated with your input !
  So do come back again and look for new entries !

See this Article on
"Eston Grammar School Year Book 1963"

Eston Grammar School 1963 Staff

Previous News & Articles

  All those prior to 2018 have been moved to a separate page so as to keep this home page more timely.

See Previous News & Articles from 2011 to 2017.

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