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Rare Normanby Football Medal
Found in Thailand

   A rare solid silver football medal recently turned up for sale in Thailand.   The medal was purchased by group member Harry Greenmon.   Harry is a collector of local football league memorabilia especially anything connected with Normanby teams.   It is still a mystery as to how it arrived in Thailand from Normanby.

   The Teesside Football League medal was presented to the Division B Runners up Normanby Magnesite FC for the 1921-22 season and was won by JW Brooke.   In the pre WWII era local league medals were almost invariably solid silver or gold and were often, like this one, a very ornate design.   Compare this with the cheap plastic/metal tacky awards received by today’s local league players.

   Normanby Magnesite FC formed at the end of WWI and continued until the outbreak of WWII.   At the end of WWII they never reformed so their history is a short one.   They played on a pitch close to the present location of the Norman Conquest pub.   In their short existence they were a very successful local league club.

 Their major achievements were winning:-
   Teesside League 1924/25, 1927/28, 1931/32
   Ellis Cup 1923, 1927, 1930, 1935
   North Riding Amateur Cup 1923/24, 1924/25, 1925/26
   MacMillan Bowl 1927/28, 1929/30, 1931/32, 1937/38
   Cleveland Aged Miners Cup 1922/23

The photograph shows the Normanby Magnesite squad and officials for the 1922-23 season.

© Harry Greenmon. Normanby History Group

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