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Normanby Methodist Youth Club

Group Photograph from the mid-1950s

  This photograph shows the members of the Youth Club of the Normanby Methodist Church taken in the mid 1950s.
  At one of our annual exhibitions this photograph was displayed together with the names of club members as remembered by Joan Baines (nee Marshall) who is shown sitting 3rd from left in the front row.
  Exhibition attendees were asked to see who they recognised and correct the names given or add those missing.
  Several did and so another dozen names were added to those shown below the photo - leaving just 4 unknown.

After publication of this photo on our web-site Margaret Holian identified more names (see our Message Board ).
Margaret also recalled that the photograph was taken as a memento for the Hood family when they emigrated to Australia.
[Can anyone confirm this & remember when the Hoods emigrated?]
At our March 2015 meeting more additions and corrections were provided by Ann Ward & Cynthia Womack (nee Dale).
Cynthia said that the photo was probably taken between 1954-56 as she was then away
at Teacher Training College - otherwise she would have been on the photo!

So now we have names for everyone in the photo. Our thanks to all who helped!

     Normanby Youthclub Members Barbara Graham Jean Oliver Joan Marshall Hylda Boddye Brenda Dewings Will Sayer Mr Dent (Minister) Mrs Maud Sayer Keith Tucker David Fawcett Joyce Popplewell Lawrence Bailey Alan Honeywell Maurice Husband Stan Hood Beryl Elgey Colin Graham Vera Nicholson Mavis Williams Glynis Williams? (not Sylvia Jackson?) Audrey Dewings Sylvia Jackson? Arthur Serginson Maurice Kell Leslie Brown Bill Middlemiss Peter Bird David Hood Shirley Thwaite (not Judith Hood?) Joan Hopps Margaret Watson Ken Farr Eric Ward Margaret Horner Jennifer Tie Dennis Brown Arthur Middlemiss Cyril Hood Colin Brown Marion Porter Joan Serginson Marion Tucker Merrin Boddye Eric Simms Christine Hickman Joyce Waite John Prest

Photo from Normanby LHG Archive
[Move cursor to rest over a person's face in photo above to show a pop-up showing their name as below!]

  Names of known members left to right -
1st (Front) Row:
   1.Barbara Graham 2.Jean Oliver 3.Joan Marshall 4.Hylda Boddye 5.Brenda Dewings 6.Will Sayer
     7.Mr Dent (Minister) 8.Mrs Maud Sayer 9.Keith Tucker 10.David Fawcett 11.Joyce Popplewell
2nd Row from front:
   1.Lawrence Bailey 2.Alan Honeywell 3.Maurice Husband 4.Stan Hood 5.Beryl Elgey 6.Colin Graham
     7.Vera Nicholson 8.Mavis Williams 9.Glynis Williams? (not Sylvia Jackson?) 10.Audrey Dewings 11.Sylvia Jackson?
      12.Arthur Serginson 13.Maurice Kell 14.Leslie Brown 15.Bill Middlemiss 16.Peter Bird
3rd Row from front:
   1.David Hood 2.Shirley Thwaite (not Judith Hood?) 3.Joan Hopps 4.Margaret Watson
     5.Ken Farr 6.Eric Ward 7.Margaret Horner 8.Jennifer Tie
4th (Back) Row:
   1.Dennis Brown 2.Arthur Middlemiss 3.Cyril Hood 4.Colin Brown 5.Marion Porter 6.Joan Serginson
     7.Marion Tucker 8.Merrin Boddye 9.Eric Simms 10.Christine Hickman
       11.Joyce Waite 12.John Prest

*** Do you recognise anyone in the photograph whose name given above is incomplete or wrong? ***
*** Do you know the occasion, date or year when this photo was taken? ***
*** What memories do you have of the Youth Club? ***
[Please contact us  if you can help !]

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